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Re: Future of mobile internet v/s computer internet??

Let me get this clear. As I understand there are two things here, i) e-services that are provided by the mobile operator himself, and ii) actual internet surfing. E-services provided by the operator may have 100s of features including education, navigation, weather, ticket booking, hotel booking etc. However, these e-services are not relevant to us all as the content generally is pushed by the operator. On the contrary, what is relevant to us is to note how users go to any site of their choice. Have you seen, for example, people playing poker at say partypoker dot com or any other such site. Or, have you seen people buying books from amazon and others? If this is the case then its cool. I am not sure which of these two (e-services/internet surfing) you were refering to when you talked about education.

Originally Posted by ChinaStar
You can do a gazillion things on a phone here... wow... wher to start. Language Education started on the Nintendo and Playstation portbale systems and its moving on to cell phones now. They surf for information and directions and pretty much everything.
I guess you meant keypad of the phone when you said "keyboard". Phones in India have an option to work with hindi (or any local) with nearly all hindi letters inscribed on the keys of the phone keypad. Actually its fairly easy to use these phones for sending messages.

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck
You can input Chinese in a number of ways. You can use Latin Keyboard to input Pinyin. There are special Chinese or Wubi keyboards that look much like a Querty Keyboard from which you compile the characters with combinations of upto 5 Keystokes. Chinese characters are completely different from Alphabetic characters, so input methods will be different. I guess with Indic scripts because most characters are combinations of a constant and a vowel, it may be possible as an alternative to having a key for each constant to use a shift key in combination with the constanants, thereby reducing the alphabet to about the same size as Latin.

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