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sarcle 17th May 2006 09:31 PM

Hotmail problems in China

Only weeks after Bill Gates warmly welcomed Chinese president Hu Jintao to his home, Net users in some parts of China had serious difficulties accessing Microsoft's Hotmail email service.

"Persistent problems over the past week have led many Chinese Hotmail users to assume that Hotmail has been added to the long list of overseas websites blocked by the Government," says The Australian, going on, "Beijing never comments on whether it is blocking sites and it can be difficult to distinguish active government disruption from network problems."

But, "Ambiguous replies from MSN's support center have pointed to some kind of temporary technical problem with MSN Hotmail as the cause of the problem, and that it only has an impact on a small group of users with certain systems," said Interfax China.

Many users had problems logging on, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has Brian Zhou, president of Beijing public relations company H-Line Ogilvy, which represents Microsoft in China, saying. "What we've found out is these are network problems, technical problems."

However, "Although the problem may occur because of Microsoft's recent update of its Hotmail service, it is possible that the domain name of Windows Live Mail was accidentally blocked by the Chinese government's filtering system," an "anonymous network security expert with a Chinese university" told Interfax.

Whoops. :) Seems china needs to get a handle on their Firewall. Obviously users inside China are aware of it.

Giant 19th May 2006 01:23 AM

Re: Hotmail problems in China
Problems are still not fixed. This is interesting!

What did Bill say wrong that night? :-)

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