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Rubber Duck 9th July 2011 02:46 PM

More from Pat Kane

The world’s largest domain name registry by far thinks it has some pretty good offers too – based on its experience managing half of all domain names on the Net. “We’ve had a tremendous amount of experience,” says Pat Kane, Verisign’s senior vice president and general manager of naming services. “We’ve seen a lot of the behaviours happen in ‘.com’ first and can take that experience to tailor solutions for individual brand owners.” But can such a large company be nimble enough to offer a bespoke service and ensure equal attention to all? Kane claims that Verisign can – and the secret is not to shout out your costs. “When you start to put a price tag on it, it’s possible to commoditise it,” Kane told WTR. “[Neustar’s] announcement of a $10,000 fee basically to get your application in has created some confusion among my customers.”

Many new clients are still coming to Verisign for ‘.brand’ services. Within 48 hours of ICANN’s new gTLD approval, Kane had received four inquiries from large IP practices serving hundreds of brands between them. “The battle is over as to whether new gTLDs will happen,” he said. “Now it’s about what you’ll do with it.” As if to respond to his own proposition, Kane revealed that Verisign will apply to run a ‘.verisign’ TLD for search engine optimisation, brand protection and increased security – particularly important for the online authentification services Verisign sold to Symantec last year. Even though the package is now owned by a different company, a ‘.verisign’ will allow the brand name to continue.

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