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Re: Drop Lists.

I don't use a service per say what I do is find a drop site that list IDNs too. hardly anyone looks at domain names starting with x.
Then you have to sift through them.

This is the way I found
髪.com kami translation hair
AdultVideo popular Japanese tea in Japan

These were all drops & the first ones I actually purchased were dropped & no one noticed.
I personall think by me making the site I did stiffen up competition but I already have about 10 gems 5 of them being top industry keywords.

So it just takes time to go through tons of list even if you know read Japanese it's still manual work.

We also aren't the only ones. I was waiting for Anime for 3 weeks & the same day keitai (cell phone) was going to be available.
Someone snatched it up 2 hours after it was available.

We are not alone...
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