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View Poll Results: Will only the current registry apply for an existing gTLD transliteration?
Only the current registry will apply 3 37.50%
We will likely see more then one application for the same string 1 12.50%
It's not sure that only the current registry will get the applied for string 0 0%
No one but the current registry will get anything confusing to an existing gTLD 4 50.00%
Voters: 8. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 31st October 2011, 11:40 PM
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Steve Crocker: "The good news is that this alternate root business has gone nowhere."

Do you think we will see any applications for existing gTLD transliterations from anyone other then the registry managing the current existing gTLD? (Poll included but a more detailed scenarios/explanations would be nice).

From the transcript of the Conflicts and Ethics session:

>>MARILYN CADE: I'm going to mention a question that was asked earlier but was not
answered. And note that it could be you will want to refer it
elsewhere. But I think it is an important question.

The question was asked about why accredited ICANN registrars are able
to sell alternate root -- act as registrars for alternate root TLDs.

I will just say, as someone who embraces ICANN's commitment to a
single authoritative root, and has dealt with efforts by parties who
sell other roots to join the business constituency and rejected those
efforts, I am -- I guess I would have thought that, in order to carry
the accreditation standard from ICANN, that there would need to be
adherence to certain standards. And I would have expected that to be
You don't have to answer the question here. It might even be
more of a stability security issue from the community. But it wasn't
answered, and I'd like you to at least dispose of it by saying it will
be referred or commented on. Thank you.

>>ROD BECKSTROM: Thank you for expanding the question and further
clarifying. I'm going to have John Jeffrey provide initial response
here. Thank you.

>>JOHN JEFFREY: So I just wanted to make you aware -- and I'm happy
to answer the question -- the group within ICANN that's responsible
for making sure that the contracts are enforced have already begun to
communicate with registrars about that. The registrars in question
that have been presented to us that have that issue already have
communications regarding that.
And we'll be happy to publish more,
if that does not solve the problem.

>>BRUCE TONKIN: I was going to close the session, but you want to go
for it?

>>STEVE CROCKER: Let me just add a little bit. J.J. has given a --
you know, a formal response with respect to the contracts.

There's a very broad picture here in which registrars engage in lots
of businesses. We regulate, if you -- sorry, I'm not allowed to use
that word.

Our contracts cover just the registrar business. There's no end of
things that registrars might choose to do. Some of them are ill-
advised. But it's very, very hard if we can anticipate all of the
silly things that they might do. And so, in many cases, good sense
and the market have to take care of it. The good news is that the --
this alternate root business has gone nowhere.

>>BRUCE TONKIN: Thank you, Steve.
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