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Old 20th November 2011, 10:45 PM
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Andrew Sullivan: There can only ever be one policy for the root

Andrew Sullivan: I had an interesting conversation that was, I'm sure, considerably more interesting than the plenary that we were all missing, and I'm not being
(unintelligible) there, with Francisco and (Steve) earlier. And we had a - we had quite a hash out over the difference between, you know, visual confusion, things that are straightforwardly - I can see that these - I see two things and they seem to be the same, and other cases which are - which have to do with the way that Unicode is encoded or the practical significance of two different encodings causing people using the same script to type the same thing differently or to see the same thing typed using - or encoded, I should say, I guess - using different code points, to regard those as the same thing. Which is - there is a fine distinction that we need to make here, but I think one that is very important.
And it may be this. So this is not the concrete definition that Nicholas was just arguing for, but instead a different thing, which has to do with functional definitions. Suppose that we start with the premise that a visual confusable is something that, whatever else it has as its properties, when a competent user of the script sees one and sees the other, you can't possible want them to go to the same place.

That is, when - if you were to register string A and string A is somehow confusable with string B in such a way that a competent user of the language in which these two things are likely to be encountered - so I'm not saying they're in the same language, but the linguistic context - you want to make sure that script B is never followed and so you just want to block it, given that string A is registered. Then that is visually confusable. It may be susceptible to rules very similar to the ones that we are talking about attempting to encode here, but the only possible result of that operation is the string B, as a label, is always blocked in the DNS.

No registration of that thing is allowed. For the purposes of this project, we could call all of those cases visually confusable and in fact there is a strong
confusable process within the new TLD program and within the TLD generally, that could follow that. We could present some techniques, perhaps, that such a process could follow, but perhaps we can rule all of those cases out of our scope and then focus on the ones where there is some question about what you would want to do in the event that you had these two candidate strings, string A and string B, and they were to be registered. If we did that, then some of these definitional problems might go away.

Dennis Jennings: Interesting. Is this - Andrew, thank you for that. Is this a discussion that should be now taken up on the list, because we have a few things to get through? So unless anybody objects violently, I think this should be continued on the list and we move on to the next point.

Nicholas Ostler: Yes, it would be very useful to have a written version of what you've just said, Andrew.

Cary Karp: Yes, I think this is a very powerful argument for wanting to be as parsimonious as we can possibly be with the (unintelligible) that we had rendered available. So for obvious political reasons, that's going to be a very thorny issue to deal with a sovereign entity, saying we want the following labels, to being told, "Well, sorry, you can't have your way because somebody else in the contingent space wasn't able to have their way." So the fewer opportunities for such contention that we generate, the safer everything is.

Recording and transcript:

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