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Re: Extensions, Type-ins, Value

Originally Posted by drbiohealth
Nobody seems to be looking at IDNs from an angle that seems would play a significant role in perhaps deciding how much type-ins a name would get in future and ultimately how much value the name will command.

Which one will have more value - IDN.cctld or Two factors may be critical here,

1. How easy/memorable .com extension would be in each IDN language? This basically means how easy it would be for locals to type in the extension after the IDN name.
2. Whether the .cctld exists in that market and if that extension is typein "friendly"?

Likely scenarios:
1. My sense is that .com extension will rule those markets where IDN cctld does not exist yet and the .com extension in IDN there is relatively simple & intuitive.

2. Similarly, if in a market IDN cctld exists and is "friendly + assigned .com extension proves to be compex -> IDN cctld will rule.

For example, in Russian IDN cctld is absent + I see a cool mapping of .com <-> .KOM -> good market for

I am not sure how markets in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean are from this perspective, and whether cctlds in IDN exist there and how complex .com extension is likely to be in these lingos.

It would be nice to hear from locals and what they feel about their languages.

We have discussed this in many threads, you can search the posts 'ctld'. Absent now doesn't mean absent forever. Technology changes all the time. Type-in habits will also change, although it takes a long time to change.

There are many factors, but i think the most important for IDNs in the Long Term (5-10 years period) is idn.idn. The longer ICANN delays idn.idn, and if country NICs go ahead with their own idn.idn (as in the case of CNNIC), the more type-in locals will use ctld for idns.

Think this way, had cltds been operating for 5 years before ICANN launched .com, will .com still be the global tld it is today?

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