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Re: Extensions, Type-ins, Value

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck
No wonder you think prices are rising too quickly, if you seriousl believe IDN.IDN is on a 5-10 year time frame. Seriously, nobody is going to wait that long. ICANN have about 6 months to show some serious credibility in this field.

Something has to give and soon. ICANN are only still there because nobody wants to rock the boat, but if something doesn't get sorted out in a reasonable time frame and we are seriously talking less than a year, ICANN and the US Government will simply be told thanks, but no thanks. Authority, will almost certainly be passed to the UN. Verisign will not tie themselves to the mast of a sinking ship either.

Well, I'm just considering all the possibilities - afterall, it took them 5 years to finish "introducing" xn-- prefixed domains - the smartest act ICANN has done for IDNs the past 6 years, as Giant has put it.

But, I also do not discount the end of year timeline that everyone here is talking about.

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