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Re: Extensions, Type-ins, Value

Originally Posted by domainguru
I have never understood why "ctrl + enter" functionality is important. Does anyone have any stats for how widely used it is? Because I never use it myself. Why would Internet "newbies" use it when the results are unpredicatable?
I was interested in this question 3 years ago when I tried to decide whether I should reg some and domains when they were first introduced in 2003. Here's what I found:

-The Chinese tend to use Ctrl + Enter feature more compare to English speakers, maybe because they are not good typers as English speakers.

-In 2002, I got a copy of Chinese Windows 2000, and I believe most computer users in China used the same copy. The IE came with this Windows would send you to by default after Ctrl + Enter. I tried to make some changes in the registry so that I could go to .com instead, but failed. The only way I succeeded doing it is deleted the whole IE and its folder and then downloaded and installed a fresh IE. It's fair to say very few users knew how to do this.

-In 2003 - 04 - 05, I noticed that .cn domains had very little traffic but had a lot. Also, my were getting more and more traffic because new Windows like XP and 2003 are .com by default with Ctrl + Enter feature.

Before Mar. 1st this year, most Chinese traffic go to, quite a few go to .com, but very few go to .cn.

My conclusion: Ctrl + Enter was being used quite frequently. If most Chinese users are typing like English users do, then we should see traffic to .cn too.

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