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Thumbs down Re: can anyone conform me a russian word?

Originally Posted by blastfromthepast

I'm sorry to say, you are very annoying.

You have PMed me in the past and NOT listened to my advice on translations.

You have PMed me with lists of domains asking which one is best.

You have PMed other people asking them to PM me for translations.

You have asked me to buy names for you, and then paid me less than fees.

And, you have posted many times asking everyone for advice, what should I register, what should I register.

It's OK to post confirming a word's translation. But we aren't here to run a free consulting service, or to hand hold you through every registration.

However it has gotten to the point that you are obviously abusing the expertise and goodwill of the people here for your own benefit.

There is no excuse for this.

Again, my advice:

Everything you need to know about registering a good domain name is in this forum, READ the fourm.

If you are still not sure, then register it and then post in the appraisal section asking for opinions. You are likely to get a response.

If you are really unsure about the names translation, then register it with Dynadot and if you receive a bad appriasal you can get a refund.

Taking all this into consideration, there is absolutely no excuse to harrass our native speakers to a state that they feel compelled to post comments like the above.

Continual annoyance of members on this forum will result in action being taken against you - this is a very very last resort, and I trust you will listen to the advice you are being given to avoid this drastic action.