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Hi, I am Tim from Germany - probably the first from continental Europe

As many others I startet "talking IDNs" when the verisign/NSI testbed opened in early 2001 but concentrating on german IDNs only.

As you might know, there are german characters that are not part of the ASCII set: The german "umlauts" (Ää,Öö,Üü). Before the implementations of IDNs those had to be paraphrased by the original character plus an "e" (ae,oe,ue).

In March 2004, also the ccTLDs of Germany (.de), Switzerland (.ch) and Austria (.at) (all german-speaking), all introduced those umlaut characters.

As of now, my IDN portfolio consists of about 250 .com and the same amount in .de, and already had a couple of good sales. (no- not ü )

I also owned about 50 chinese, japanese, korean and russian ONE CHARACTER IDNs, but I let them drop a year later - NO TRAFFIC! I just checked them for the first time - most if them were immediately re-registered. That tells me I made a mistake when deleting those names.

Neverthess I cant wait for the IE7 to become available!

Looking forward to interesting discussions on this board!!
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