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Verisign response on DNAME or the other implementation.


People are talking about idn.idn, would Verisign see this implemented within the year?


Yes I am very aware of all of the discussion surrounding idn.idn especially since the ICANN meeting in Morocco. One of the things which came out from that is that there is alot more work to do in this regard and as you know there are two approaches to addressing this. The implications are quite broad and while it might be fairly straightforward for a regional ccTLD it becomes much more complex in gTLDs.

Updates to the Core infrastructure for dotNet and dotCom typically have a 8-9 month development cycle and I can tell you that the next release does not have any work being done in the Core to support this. My guess is that there would have to be first some form of test bed and then approval from ICANN before we could even consider launching/offering a service and which technical approach is to be adopted.

More questions:

Stage 1. So ICANN needs to first plan for the "test bed". Any guess when that will be done? Let's assuming it is done by end of the year.

Stage 2. And after the "test bed" has been planned, it takes 8-9 month development cycle to roll out the test bed. Let's assume this would be done by end of 2007.

Stage 3. And how long will the "test bed" run? How long did the punycode testbed run? If we assume 9 months, this means the test bed will end mid-2008.

Stage 4. After the "test bed" ends, when will the live implementation be made? If it is done immediately (here we assume that there's no more another 8-9 month development cycle), and the assumption for 1, 2 and 3 holds, that means idn.idn will be live by mid-2008, roughly 2 years from now.

Note: Above timeline is just my assumption so that we can work out a hypothetical live implementation date. Anyone who has a different idea, please state out your assumptions for stage 1, 2, 3, and 4, be it 1 year or 1 month for each stage - please do not just say "I say it will be live by xx-xx-xx! I'm betting on it and my gut feel is always right!".

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