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You are wayyyy too late to think about us staying under the radar.
The senior members of the forum already have premium portfolios in various languages & I admit probably 40% of the traffic is coming from the fact that they are all pointing their domains to the forum.
The new signups are coming from dnJournal also...

The senior members know the gate has opened & are spreading the love...

You have nothing to gain if we stay under the radar...

All I'll say is we get over 200 "NEW Unique" eyes a day, not counting regulars or repeat traffic.

Originally Posted by thegenius1
Awesome, im saying we should stay UNDER the radar... I dont want the Big Dawgs coming in Taking our names.... This is better than the Dot com Boom in my opinion Because we are aquiring these names at Reg fee.... early in the dot com game names were 45 a year x2- up to 500 x2years.... I hate for them to spoil the hunting ....... I should apply for a C Card with a 50k limit and spend every last cent... Anybdoy think that would be wise ?
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