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thegenius1 29th May 2006 02:09 AM

Good BUY IMO !

Major Tourist Destination
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Originally Posted by
Lake Akan is a beautiful crater lake in Akan National Park. It is home to marimo, a very rare algae species, which forms itself into beautiful green balls. Left alone for a few centuries, Lake Akan's marimo can reach the size of soccer balls. The algae have been designated a National Special Natural Monument.

The lakeside hot spring resort of Akankohan is the only town around the lake. It has a few large and small ryokan, some of which have hot spring baths with fine views of the lake on their upper floors. If you don't stay at such a ryokan, you may be able to use their baths during daytime for typically 500-1000 Yen.

Sightseeing boats leave Akankohan for one hour tours of the lake, which include a stop at the Marimo Exhibition Center on one of the lake's islands and a ride into the more remote, narrow sections of the lake.

Ainu Kotan is a small Ainu village in Akankohan, which is basically a street lined by souvenir shops specialized in Ainu handicrafts. At the end of the street there is a small museum displaying traditional Ainu crafts, clothes and daily life utensils. Traditional Ainu performances are held in a hall next door.

At the towns eastern end, there are some nice walking trails through the forest and along the lake to bubbling mud pools known as bokke. The trails start next to the Akankohan Eco Museum Center (admission free), where you can get information on Akan National Park and its wildlife.


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thegenius1 16th October 2006 06:22 PM

Re: Good BUY IMO !

Major Tourist Destination
See This Site :


BIN : $250

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