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Re: Monetizing single characters

A single character domain could be letter,
number or symbol-based.

A symbol domain is easy enough to monetise;
i've done it with very good results, you simply
select ascii keywords that describe the symbol
in the best way and settle on the best performing

Letter, or number-based names are in my view
something else as they don't necessarily imply
a meaning. I have the french accent 'o' domain,
for e.g., and have always had a shopping related
parking page there - it gets quite a bit of traffic but
doesn't convert at all well and, in the absence of
relating it to a cute branding concept, I really have
no idea what term/s to relate the name to).

I think when doing this parallels must be made
between ascii and idn... If there is no term/domain
relationship in ascii then there won't be in idn either.
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