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Drewbert 5th March 2013 10:35 PM


An updated version of the Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS) Procedure [PDF, 168 KB] and the URS Rules are now available for download.

The URS is one of several new Rights Protection Mechanisms available in the New gTLD Program. It complements the existing UDRP by offering a lower-cost, faster path to relief for rights holders experiencing the most clear-cut cases of infringement.

The URS Procedure defines the URS claims process. The Rules will help service providers implement URS in a consistent manner.

Since the last URS Procedure was posted on 4 June 2012, minor revisions have been made in the present rather than future tense. Other revisions clarify and simplify some provisions as well as make minor typographical corrections. Also, a set of Rules [PDF, 82 KB] has been developed and added, similar to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) rules, to provide guidance on all aspects of the URS proceedings.

In addition to the Rules posted by ICANN, each URS service provider is expected to produce supplemental rules to help standardize conduct for that provider's interactions with complainants and respondents, but that are not inconsistent with the Procedure or the Rules.

The URS was developed by the community, for the community and is another testament to the multistakeholder model.

bwhhisc 6th March 2013 01:27 AM

This is one of the hurdles for IDNs to get by, GAC could halt the IDN.IDN process down even at the 11th hour:

GAC New gTLD Processes
The GAC Operating Principles are published online and contain information about the role of the GAC and GAC members and observers, as well as GAC working methods.

The GAC has a specific role to play regarding gTLDs, in particular the GAC Early Warning process and GAC advice and objections. Further information is available online and can be found in the Applicant Guidebook published by ICANN for new gTLDs, GAC advice on the topic in the form of letters or communiqu├ęs and transcripts of GAC exchanges with the Board and community. Any further information regarding these processes will be posted to the GAC website at:

It is important to bear in mind that GAC members are still in the process of analysing the list of applications and applicants for new gTLDs. However, there have been a number of requests from applicants or other interested stakeholders to brief or provide briefing material to the GAC. Briefings for the GAC will only be scheduled on a best-efforts basis and entirely at the request of GAC members. An internal process for handling requests and tracking materials is being put in place, but those wanting to make their interest or availability known or to express an interest in providing written materials to the GAC can contact the GAC via . A list of those expressing interest or availability or that have provided materials will be made available to the GAC membership.

For further inquiries please contact

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