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Old 3rd April 2013, 11:04 PM
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Afilias New gTLD Research Report 2013

"dot Brand or dot What?"

They surveyed users in the UK and the USA, and then seemed shocked the reaction to IDNs was mainly negative.

WTF! Do these people not understand the concept of "target market".

reactions to internationalized domain names (idns)

A multi-language internet is critical to bridging the language barrier, particularly as internet availability expands to non-western speaking areas. Among other things, the
dot Brand initiative means that the internet will soon host non-roman scripts, allowing global retailers, marketers and local organizations to connect with the world’s growing markets in their own languages like Arabic, russian and Chinese. For example, Amazon is moving into this space with its application for ZZZ (Japanese script for “consumer electronics.”)

while these changes to the internet are critical in that they include global communities and bridge the digital divide across nations, reactions to idns from western consumers are strong but apprehensive. when asked how they would react if they came across a website using non- roman characters, 65 percent of UK consumers and 60 percent of US respondents would navigate away from IDNs. This figure reaches above 70 percent for “over 55s” in both markets.

Additionally, almost a third of respondents in both markets state they wouldn’t trust idns; just eight percent of consumers in both countries said they would understand that they had arrived at a website catering to a foreign language community and would treat it as any other website. More than one in five consumers in both markets (22 percent in the uK; 24 percent in the us) would look for an English language option — like a “Translate to English” button — and try to get the english version, although this figure rises among 18-24 year olds (36 percent for Americans and 27 percent for Britons).
Just to highlight how English-centric these idiots are, the japanese characters in the PDF for (Japanese script for “consumer electronics.”) weren't unicode, they were an image injected into the text!

Epic fail!

I can't wait until I see some of the blog comments, they'll get what they deserve.
It's all jaded style to me.

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