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Re: Japanese Traffic Question

I believe that the Japanese have to unlearn their current internet behavior which is to use a search engine or toolbar button and click.

It will happen in phases. I believe that type-in traffic will be limited on Japanese domains until Japanese brands start marketing IDN domains on major media. This will only occur post IE7 as it doesn't make sense to do so untilthen.

Then consumers will start to play around with typing in URLs directly practically for the first time ever.

Then as they get used to typing in URLs to go to their most common sites, they will start to play around and use URL type-in as the occasional replacement to conducting a yahoo or msn search. At that point, the whole type-in game for Japanese domains becomes very interesting!

I'd give the whole thing 2 years to really get off the ground. With that said, my japanese domains parked at namedrive this month have 47% of traffic coming from Asia and 100% of the click-throughs from asia. My highest pay per click was around $3. I'm on a run-rate to make about $30 this month from about 600 Japanese domains. It ain't great but it's awesome compared to my stats just last month!
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