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Re: Hoping to find an estd. 'renter' for symbol traffic...

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck
It might be useful, if you could give an indication of a few facts. So far, we have no idea of how much traffic you would be talking about, but I doubt anyone would be interested unless it were very substantial. It might also be useful to have some idea of what extension and even the keyword were. I doubt it would make much commercial sense to for a company to brand on your symbol(s) unless they could buy it outright. Of course this is going to make a lot more later on, so that doesn't make much sense from your perspective. I think you should give serious consideration of developing a site for Adsense.
Thanks very much, some great comments

I'm very hesitant about developing the name
right now, as of course IE7 has not yet come
out and so I would like to find a company to
rent the traffic to for perhaps a year or two; in
the interim, IDN will then have had the chance
to become 'mainstream' and pretty much everyone
will then be able to access it.

Domain leasing is a very grey area, and unless
you are careful a company could try to promote
the domain themselves in some way. This would
not be acceptable, as I would only want them to
benefit from the <industry related> traffic and
nothing else.

As I say, I have in mind a performance-linked idea,
where they pay more according to the increase in
traffic. Yes, I am confident that IE7 will bring a hefty
increase in traffic and any arrangement with them
will take that in to account beforehand (I am not
going in to traffic levels here, since that was not
my original enquiry, but just to say that at the present
rate I would not be at a loss if $2K was paid to find a
long-term renter).

Anyway, are there any good ideas out there? (i'm
a youngish, outgoing bloke and don't mind if the idea
involves me looking foolish, or it's a bit of a risk...).
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