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Re: lets say an IDN with a score of 2 million ovt

Originally Posted by thehamptons
for the pro's or those with some better insight.

"lets say an chinese or japanese IDN with a score of 2 million ovt"
what kind of traffic can you expect if the .com domain was registered?
and would it be considered a goldmine?
In the ASCII world the rule of thumb is that natural type-in traffic is 10% to 15% of its OVT score. I believe that is good for single word domains. I believe in most cases this is reduced significantly for multi-word domains. In Japan, people do not type in because the the ASCII domains are not memorable or difficult to spell. IDNs will change this so Japanese will start to type in once they go mainstream. So you should expect that once IE7 launches, it will take a couple of years for Japanese to really generate signficant type-in traffic.

The other way to use the domain is to get it indexed in search engines and bring in traffic through search engines. That is difficult to predict and depends on how successful you are at getting indexed.

In short, if you have a 2M+ OVT domain in Japanese and it is single word or even double word - you probably have something very special. Especially if it is a commercial term with lots of ads or an adult term. If the term is just a particle of speech or something else without much meaning, it is far less exciting.
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