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Re: VeriSign purchased for $2.3 million in cash

Blogs...don't talk to me about blogs

I've had this rant out elsewhere, but in celebration of this sale I'll do it again.

I cut my domaining teeth on 'blog'.

I had a fist full of money (not anymore), no talent (hasn't changed much), and a desire to get rich (still got that - just worse now).

I heard about blogs, and thought I'd see what Mr.Parsons at Godaddy might have on offer.

In a flurry of late nights, monitor-eyes, and word combo fever, I spent a lot of money. A lot.

I was the Blog King (or so I thought). Now all I had to do was sit back and wait for all of that traffic, and all of those offers to buy my blogs.

I'm still waiting :o

I knew 'blog' would be worth money some looks like I just didn't have the right one! Most have expired now, but I still have around a hundred left - and yes, they're still for sale!

They've just gone up in value by 100% though, but they are obviously a premium flavoured domain now...right? PM me for offers...LOL

(I still couldn't help myself once I became an IDN'er...ブログ界.com. Maybe those tech-savvy Japanese will see the power of the blog, and I'll hit paydirt yet)
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