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Rubber Duck 11th June 2014 09:52 PM
"IDNs have brought a third universal acceptance issue. Users must be able to type, and see, their URLs in the intended native script. If it's a Chinese address, you should be able to type that in as easily as if it was ASCII. Having to resort to some kind of encoder to get the Chinese script complicates the user experience to such an extent that there's a risk users simply won't bother. And that could ultimately mean the failure of IDN TLDs that, ironically, Internet users actually want.
There's a fourth, slightly separate but equally important issue: mobile device use. Browsing and emailing environments tend to be even more technically limited on smartphones and tablets than they are on desktop computers. Yet those are the devices which the next billion Internet users, those that stand to benefit from new TLDs and especially IDNs, are most likely to use."

Steve Clarke 12th June 2014 12:27 PM

Good article.

Rubber Duck 12th June 2014 01:54 PM

Well it kind of explains where a lot of the missing traffic has gone!

Resolving this issue should provide a big boost to IDN.

It seems penetration of Apple has been important for IDN revenues but perhaps not in the ways that have previously been suggested.

This seems to be much more plausible than the adoption or other of a Dot Com Key or the adoption of Dot Com as a default extension.

What the guy is saying is that even the user wants to type your name in the chances are that he will fail, and even if he suceeds, then the chances are that it won't resolve anyway even if you have a Dot Com key.

Somehow this seems more critical that the universal acceptance of IDN email.

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