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Re: ASCII/IDN teamworking on a globally recognised generic ASCII term.......

Originally Posted by idn1234

I think it is important to realise that most (maybe
all) members of this forum have little-to-no business
building experience - they are, for the most part
speculators, and their main/only goal is to make
money out of the growth of IDN.

Of course, this in itself is a kind of business activity
but it has little to do with the task of actually building
a business.

Another consideration is having a 'team' who may be
disbursed throughout the world... How can they be
managed effectively?... (new telecom opportunities
e.g. better video-conferencing over the web, will make
this more practicable but there are very good reasons
as to why companies have teams that work together
.. and don't forget we're all nerds too
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