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idnowner 3rd October 2017 11:31 PM

Is SEDO a joke or what!?!?
I go to SEDO.COM, and want to look for IDNs. (Preferably Japanese IDNs)

So, when I visit the site, I select: "Buy Domains" and then "Domain Search"

I UNCHECK "Include Adult Domains" and UNCHECK "Include keyword variations"

Under "SPECIAL CHARACTERS"... I UNCHECK "Include domains with hyphens" ... I UNCHECK "Include domains with numerals" ... I UNCHECK "Domains with numerals only" ... So, I've only got "Include IDN domains" CHECKED.


Under "CATEGORIES" the only 3 selections I see are... "Select category" "Select category" and "Select category" (I'm thinking, WTF!!! Is this a P.O.S. or what!?!)

Anyway - I see a LOT OF CRAP listed, with very little IDNs in the list.

To me it seems an impossibility to find IDNs only - much less Japanese IDNs.

Seems that a well-designed, intuitive website would make it easy for such a simple search. So, I've got to ask ... Is it just me, and I need a tutorial - or is there a lack of IDNs listed, so they show a bunch of crap, or is as retarded as it seems?

blackpower 4th October 2017 06:45 AM

Re: Is SEDO a joke or what!?!?
1) Sedo is a joke
2) They never believed in idns- at least they start to list them now.
3) They will change their approach when big idn sales start to realise.
Your japanese is fabulous, congratulations.

Kent99 4th October 2017 11:49 AM

Re: Is SEDO a joke or what!?!?
Yeah, you have some great ones though you certainly had to "buck up" for some of them. Sedo could take some lessons from Dynadot. Their "Idn's only" function works great. When I tried searching for IDN's on Sedo I clicked "Starts with" then entered "xn--". The result was "We've looked everywhere but could not find any domains to match this search."

idnowner 4th October 2017 01:17 PM

Re: Is SEDO a joke or what!?!?
Thanks blackpower. Sedo has been around forever, it seems, yet I've always been puzzled how sad their interface is - unnecessarily complex in search criteria, etc. Especially screwy when it comes to IDNs. I say, either implement it correctly, or don't do it at all!!!

Thanks kent99. Sad to see that it's not just me, sorely disappointed in Sedo.

Over the last 15 years or so, I've been hearing how so many people use Sedo. And occasionally I would go to Sedo, thinking I could move my traffic/sales to them. But every time I've visited, I got the impression that it was unnecessarily difficult to maneuver and designed poorly. I'm still not sure what they were thinking when they designed their Search Filter options. If it's not easy, fast and intuitive - I'm out of there! And, to me, their graphics look drab and totally unimpressive.

Kent99 4th October 2017 01:27 PM

Re: Is SEDO a joke or what!?!?
On the positive side, they say that the Sedo MLS listing has 650 international partners so it is quite far reaching. However, Sedo MLS listing is not available for .コム domains.

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