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Re: ASCII/IDN teamworking on a globally recognised generic ASCII term.......

OK, that's enough. Please!

In an attempt to get back on track, I was anticipating some valuable opinion/viewpoints on the original post. I'll set up another thread so you can all continue your fun with IDN1234.

Here's the original....

Is it possible to.....

Form a team of between 5 and 10 guys who barely know each other, possibly spread right across the globe. Working together with trust and understanding for the collective and personal good on a development project. Using combined knowledge and effort, and with a project plan and rules determined clearly by the team at the outset.

Focus the team on development of an ASCII term website, which arguably/effectively crosses any divide between IDN and ASCII. Recognised in its ASCII form in probably every country. Fully future-proof. With the potential for local language development in every script, along with local affiliate and search advertising income, and either forwarding of relevant IDNs to the site or links off to developed IDN sites.

Develop the site to become one of the most widely known of its type worldwide, with sufficient income (either directly or indirectly by association) to either heavily supplement other future IDN income, and/or warrant future sale value to realise six/seven figures for each of the team.

Now the dodgy bit - the name in question is available in one of the lesser known extensions. The .com and .net would possibly be in telephone numbers if available.

If this is achievable, it's highly likely that the most suitable and best motivated team for this are members of this forum.

Am I daydreaming? On a different planet? Are the logistics too complicated?
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