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i was just reading this thread and i really find that it is amazing the gems that you guys have! a guy mentioned he has "car" in japanese, i guess thats awesome!

about me, i already said grad student at Todai, which in this IDN world means nothing, and i guess my only advantage now (i hope so) is that i understand 7 languages, so i can try to grab IDNs underdeveloped markets. my plan is to transfer many of my 2000 .com portafolio into hundreds of IDNs during January/February and then start growing into even 10.000 in a short time. I guess my bank account will go from to -x buying IDNs these days! thank god! im not married to use my money as i please.

i must admit i wanna receive my invitation to T.r.a.f.f.i.c 2007 as an Asian Domainer! we will see who among us make it!
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