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Re: Can you Beat out Rick Swartz Top 50 ?

I'm sure his current portfolio beats the pants out of any of those listed here but...

I'll try list some relative terms I own in Japanese

his - my Diamond, platinum, gold

MY - CheapVacation(Travel), CheapTickets, CheapHotel, OverSeasHotel

His -
My - OnlineReservations

His -
My - MovieDownloads

His -
My - Calories, or Sweat

His -
My - Bloopers(Happening)

His -
My - StockExchange, DayTrader

His -
My - Moonlighting, TempingAgency(keep forgetting the best way to say in English), CareerInfo

His -
My -

His -,, ,,,
My - Roulette, PokerAffiliates, CasinoAffiliates

These are all com & jp
And I think we can try to learn from his regs before 2000 & I hope I had the same strategy he was thinking back then.
Also he's rich & I'm not yet so his currently portfolio we might not be able to touch...
But I'll play matchup with the old portfolio...
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