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Re: Overture China

Originally Posted by kenne
I read a study who broke up the Chinese search engine market like this:
Baidu: 40%+
Google: ~15%
Yahoo: 40%

I was a bit surprised by Yahoo's market share and google's lack of. I'm
not totally trusting that study because it was just one study.

On top of that, the news article that quoted the study didn't specify
whether the % is based on search volume or revenue

I'm curious how it was, could you cite a place that has the whole story? thanks!
There's no place to tell you the whole story, the whole story is collected from bit by bit. 3721 is almost dead, Yahoo China's traffic down 60 - 70%.... They tried to change the course and start promoting Yahoo China again in the last few weeks...

The more accurate %:

Baidu: 43.9%
Yahoo: 21.1%

Dot Com is King. will soon be king.
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