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Re: Developing IDN sites, Language Translations and other thoughts ...

I decided to start developing a few as I was curious to how they would perform in the search engines. Anyway, after putting them up live, I have noticed that they are getting quiet a few visitors, most from Google.

After doing a couple of searches myself for the sites using the keywords that users may type in, I was very suprised with the results. For example, on my Μεσιτικά.com site, which currently shows listings of real estate agents in Greece. when I did a search on Google for .... Μεσιτικά στην Ελλάδα ( Real Estate in Greece ), out of 80,000, my site was top !!!
it also is number 13 (3rd position on page2) for Μεσιτικά on its own (177k results)

My other two sites are also doing very well in Google, and all this just three weeks after putting them up on the internet.

Anyway, this got me thinking. Do I keep the IDNs I have parked, or do I try and start developing them ?? Well, for most of the Greek IDNs I have, I did purchase them for developement, but I have a few others in various languages, that I cannot really see myself developing. The biggest problem being the languages.
Develop as many as time , want , and money allows you obviously

So, I was wondering, are there any people in here who can or can recommend where to get a few English pieces of text translated into other languages ??
I can recommand finding a provider via elance . com or guru . com (choose carefully) or via like sites etc

- i dont believe you want as its small population but ill be happy to help on hebrew

I would really like to continue developing some of my IDNs, even if they are just a single page site. In my opinion, there appears to be more chance of earning through ads, affiliate schemes, etc, then waiting in the hope that oneday, someone will type in my exact URL.
- i am now working on a Multipage ppc template that's proven to be indexed better in serp's , bring ctr up big time and it will be in a way where u can access it and change/add content, images and metatags,keywords etc (i will have it done in 2 weeks or less)
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