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Re: ヌード.com - (nude) - Auction

You can set your Reserve to anything you want. Each of us has our own domain business. How you conduct your pricing is up to you. Giant's domain is a premium adult domain, pricing & reserve was pretty fair in my eyes...

If you set the reserve too high... Perhaps you won't get any bids at all. That's the chance one has to make... But ebay has an automatic system, we don't..

Rules are post a reserve if you have one. Makes it super easy on everyone.

Originally Posted by idn
Not for fun, but thanks for being an a$$

Hey, Ebay is the only place I have seen reserve auctions and that is pricely how they are handled- buyer does not need to commit unless the reserve it met...

Point being is that I could easily set the visible reserve to $100,000.

Get the point?
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