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Re: ヌード.com - (nude) - Auction

Originally Posted by idn
Fair enough, but the question remains: is the bidder required to purchase it (if the buyer wishes) if the reserve is not met?
I should have put a few more words like "Reserve can be lower any time by the seller". Of course, reserve cannot be lifted higher.

This type of auction is like AfterNIC's except the reserve here is not hidden.

-If your domain is worth about $500 and you don't care about a minimum price, you can sell it as No Reserve. If there's only one bid and the starting bid is $100 then you just sell it at $100.

-But for domains worth a few thousand dollars, you don't want to risk selling the name for a few hundred dollars, and you don't want to set the starting bid too high either like $3,000.

-Though my reserve is $3,000, I can sell it at $1,200 by lowering my reserve to meet the highest bid before the auction closes, if I really need some cash.

-Buyers are encouraged to put in their low bids in case the seller is willing to sell cheap.

This way we can avoid seeing a lot of repeated sales on the forum.

You may not get what you want if you bid lower than the reserve, but at least you have a chance to bargain and be lucky.

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