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MarketingSherpa's Report - How to Market to India Online

How to Market to India Online .
Report Highlights

-> Useful stats and demographics

-> Top four challenges to overcome
Challenge #1: Indians are used to poor quality merchandise
Challenge #2: Deliverability issues
Challenge #3: Online fraud angst hinders ecommerce
Challenge #4: Price sensitivity (Indians love to bargain.)

-> Three online marketing tips
Tip #1: Go viral
Tip #2: Static banners and telemarketing follow-up
Tip #3: Learn Hinglish and get local approval on copy and creative

“Hinglish,” is spoken by 350 million Indians. A jumble of English and Hindi, Hinglish is often spoken in the same sentence -- as in, "I have hazaar things on my mind right now." (“I have thousands of things on my mind right now.”) Because it’s used mostly by urban youth, Hinglish is becoming more common in consumer advertising targeting young people.
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