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Re: Auction concerns -- Revisited

Originally Posted by jose
Oh boy, sorry Olney, sorry Giant.
I guess I opened the pandora box.
I think everyone was thinking the same I was, but no one asked it.
I wish I could have thanked everybody commenting on my thread a bit earlier, I was busy the whole day. Especially rhys, Olney, mulligan and vgemito, for their professional opinions.

jose and idn have problem with my setting the reserve and asking for bids lower than the reserve. I welcome all your opinions, as long as they make sense.

Let me show you how I could have done differently if I didn't do the auction this way.

A) ヌード.com - For Sale : $6,500. Any offers greater than $100 are welcome.

B) ヌード.com - For Sale : $6,500. Any offers greater than $100 are welcome.
*** Actively consider all offers greater than $100.
*** No reserve for the highest offer greater than $3,000.

A) is a common sale we have seen on the forum.
B) is better than A) from the buyers' point of view.

If you can accept A) and B), why can't you accept my auction? My auction is better for buyers because all offers are bids and posted on the forum for everybody to see.

Dot Com is King. will soon be king.

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