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Re: Domain "warehousing"

Wot, sorry i didnt explain myself exactly.

I understand what they did etc, never meant to say it is even simular to idn market.

What i want to get your opinions on is if the fact that alot (dont know if can say most) premium idn's are regged by say 100 people, is not a problem to the idn market as it makes acquiring premium/good idn's hard on end users (and domainers but im less worried for that).

- you can say "who said" that an end user or anyone for that matter need to be able to reg premium domains/idn's

but when a small group holds most of a market , or the "better" part of a market, this might bring/hold its value down? or you can also say that this same fact makes/will make the value climb up as good/premium idn's are out of reach
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