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Old 7th June 2006, 04:45 PM
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Budget your buys guys

I just wanted to make some realize that in this market some of us started when the market didn't exist.

The site was started about 10 days before I came back to Japan. I was strapped for cash always in the States.

The point being is I make more in Tokyo but I budget my buys. So in many post I write about choosing my buys. Reality is most in the beginning thought it would be a year after IE7 was released before they go to the buying/selling level.

So with that I knew I couldn't afford to just buy up everything. You have to look at it like only the top of themes will sell now & budget for when the rest will sell.

I think I'm registering about 5 a week at the most. I'm writing this to tell those without large endless budgets to take your time with regs. Don't go deep into the same themes. Get the top ones quick & explore.

Many of us have hundreds or thousands of regs... Plan for the renewal of most.

For what I've made I've tried to spend only a third on new domains. Try to keep your business within that range. use a third for living & keep an extra third for development or other business needs....

I don't think the market is tight now I just think that no one is putting anything out really new & fresh for buyers. We realize they will buy the top domains or good ones at a low price.

I haven't really pushed to get sales because of being too busy & I'm funding a new Japanese portal site myself so I'm not in the "I can keep buying everything" class. I'm in the same boat as the average fella on here. So let's think creatively & don't go into hard times with too many so so domains in your portfolio if you can't afford to maintain them.

Thyis is also not directed at anyone in particular... Just a bit of prevention before one goes too deep. I remember the story of the Chinese kid who went broke for trying to sell bad domains...

Let's grow guys... (& ladies I know there are a few of ya out there)
テスト中: ベリーダンス : Japan SEM : カードローン (Not an IDN, yeah I do those too)
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