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Re: IDN Forums Membership Growth

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck
Well there are Lurkers. There are also Spammers and Saboteurs.

I think to be fair there are also a large number of non-English speakers, who do not feel over confident in the discussion threads.

Many Lurkers, will give us the once over and never turn up again. You cannot expect everyone who drops this way to have a lasting interest. Many that register many not.

Having said all that, there will be genuine Lurkers out there. People that don't want to present themselves, as they might instantly be recognised. It can really damage your social standing hanging out with IDNers. We seem to have taken over from Catholics, Blacks and Gays.
To that point, it may be interesting to recruit a native chinese moderator and break out a chinese language forum to see if it brings some lurkers in. Same for Japanese (don't look at me for that).
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