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Re: A 3rd Party Observer on the Future of IDNS - Failures/Success

To think about the Japanese & Chinese perspective.
Please think like a Native & not as one who isn't completely fluent in the language.

Typing in Japanese or Chinese is as natural as breathing. I'm not even Japanese & can email & chat faster in Japanese than English.

May I ask WHY would you assume anyone or any nation is NOT comfortable typing in their native language...

1. In English we have to type a SPACE & hit SHIFT for every capital letter.

In Japanese you hit shift to change the characters at the end of the word..
What's the difference?

There are no complaints about Japanese & Chinese typing. Young Japanese use email & surf the internet easily, they email constantly in Japanese. They have no issues or problems at all.

So if this is your 3rd party view I think I'm just explaining to you. It's not valid. I work in Search Marketing, & SEO in Tokyo. I've only heard from NON Japanese that typing in Japanese is hard. I've NEVER heard from a Japanese person that typing in Japanese is hard because they would LOOK LIKE A FOOL...
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