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Re: A 3rd Party Observer on the Future of IDNS - Failures/Success

Also typing in Japanese or Chinese is more of a developed system than many who do not type think.

Yes there if you type a word like Haken you might get a few different choices for the kanji.
Here's what people who don't type, wouldn't know.


That's right if I always type haken 派遣 & hit space it automatically gives me the version I use the most often.

Typing in Asian languages is very developed please don't be mislead by anyone telling you otherwise... Switching an encode is ONE button, not an issue..

ask a Japanese person "that's computer literate", & ask them to type something in Japanese. See if they tell you it's too hard or even seem like it's an issue.

In my office there's more than 40 Japanese employees typing all day....
I've asked them constantly

what's better typing in
or 渋谷店.com ?

The answer is the same

They wouldn't try to type in the first one at all. They'd type it out in Japanese & try to search for it. It's a FACT!!!!
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