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Re: A 3rd Party Observer on the Future of IDNS - Failures/Success

Ok your opinion is of one that I assume does not function in Chinese. Do you always type in Chinese? How is your level of Chinese? How's your level of Kanji? (I'm not trying to put you on the spot but it's it's related)

I mean we can only look at the perspective of those who function in the language.
I knew Japanese in the States that were American & couldn't function to save their life in Japanese. I mean if I look at Chinese domaining sites there is literally over 30,000 members on the biggest Chinese domaining site... They seem to be typing very well.

I think it's just your level of Chinese personally (again not a shot at you) because you don't usually type in Chinese.

Let's see what Chinese natives think... Giant types Chinese on the site often, & I've never heard him say typing in Chinese was difficult.

Originally Posted by damitssam
Both my parents are native chinese. I had to myself type up a paper for chinese school. It was a pure pain in the butt. Took me several hours to write a single page of mainland characters.

I admit i have no experience with the japanese language ( i assumed they had a similar system like the chinese) . Perhaps you can explain to me how they type?
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