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Re: A 3rd Party Observer on the Future of IDNS - Failures/Success

Thank you for raising this issue which is commonly brought up by those thinking through IDNs for the first time. I'm proud of us for being relatively restrained (we aren't always). I hope that we can convince you away from your views, but if we can't that is ok too.

My question to you is how do you think that people in China and Japan write essays, articles, dissertations, blogs, books? Do you seriously think that we all just kind of dictate spoken Japanese into a tape recorder and send it to India to be transcribed into English and later machine translated into printed Japanese? Or do you think they just handwrite it and OCR it? Perhaps its little typing fairies? I think not.

The answer is the Japanese and Chinese type in Japanese and Chinese. The proof of that is that they read in Japanese and Chinese. Someone has to be generating all that content, and those people are likely typing all that content. Please disprove me.
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