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Re: A 3rd Party Observer on the Future of IDNS - Failures/Success

Originally Posted by damitssam
Both my parents are native chinese. I had to myself type up a paper for chinese school. It was a pure pain in the butt. Took me several hours to write a single page of mainland characters.

I admit i have no experience with the japanese language ( i assumed they had a similar system like the chinese) . Perhaps you can explain to me how they type?

What you are saying is nothing new, most mainlanders think that idns can't take off because of this reason, among others, but a good name is still a good name - ease of recall is more important than how fast you can type out a domain (for example, nothing beats numbers, but numbers are difficult to remember), and besides, some people will still use idns in time to come, especially when the pinyin option is not available. And in the worst case scenario, even if end user market for idn does not take off, we still can earn from type-in PPC.

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