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Re: A 3rd Party Observer on the Future of IDNS - Failures/Success

This is great that everyone is politely answering my question.

However, I still dont have an answer. Can anyone show me how its done? I assume the methods havent changed since I did it (which is a long time ago) where you had to download a program, and then use "zhu yin or pin yin" to then type the pronouncation and then you chose the word by clicking on it.

I honestly just cant see how you can type fast if you have to "click" on a word. Can someone shed me some light... perhaps time has changed (i was using windows 95 back then i think XD).

Mississippi Department of Transportation = 密西西比运输部.

Which one do you think is easier to type? Of course, the Chinese one!
Well i stink at chinese now, but i imagine typing in ALL The pronouncation + the clicking takes longer then to type the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

Again, I am americanized so i really dunno whats the current trend.

And finally to add on a point: Why are so many frieking people registering SO MANY CHINESE IDNS? I mean the PPC market is currently horrible, why not go invest into the spanish market, or the arabic market, where MUCH better keywords are available... (i might just start soon once i sell off all my ASCII)

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