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Old 9th June 2006, 12:14 AM
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Japanese Domain IDN correspondence with of IE 7 activity

This is the Babelfish translation of a new press release from The original link is here.

IE 7でのIDN対応も目前、日本語ドメイン名協会が活動を集大成

Japanese domain name association (JDNA) on the 1st, book "locus of Japanese domain name - Internet standard decision" (the Ui Takashi clear work, JDNA supervision, impress R&D issue and price 2,415 Yen) commemorating the fact that it is published, it held the seminar.

As for JDNA, the Japanese network information center (JPNIC) and the like you became the originator the spread promotion of Japanese domain name as a purpose, were established to 2001 July. At that time internationalization domain name (IDN) with at the time when either the word which is said is not excessively known, it was necessary to urge the development spread of the application which can handle IDN which includes Japanese domain name. In addition, directing to the country, it offered the information regarding IDN, you say that conversely also the role which carries to the place of argument of the standardization of IDN was required the Japanese domestic needs.

But presently, it is the author of the same book, the Japanese registry service which also the manager of JDNA serves (JPRS) according to the Ui Takashi clear person "openly, Internet Explorer (IE) IDN support of 7 has approached immediately, that you think whether also JDNA almost finished role," that you say. We had decided to leave to record the fact that the various authorized personnel tackle as compilation into one book of activity, in regard to Japanese domain name and the standardization of IDN as a book.

In the same book, while introducing also the contents and the like of the mail which was exchanged with the authorized personnel, process of the standardization of IDN is drawn. "Also the fact that of course it is, we want knowing the history of Japanese domain name, but we would like to have knowing even in many people whether the process which keeps making the standard of Internet with international cooperation not just Japanese domain name, they are what ones," (Ui) with it has done.

- As for Japan hauling the standardization of IDN you are proud, - the Hotta Hirohumi director of JPRS

In the seminar first, Hirohumi Hotta of the JPRS director entitling "past of Japanese domain name, presently, and future", you lectured.

As for Hotta, after looking back at the history which is directed to the internationalization of the domain name in IETF and the like, if plug in for the browser was not inserted concerning present circumstance, you could not use Japanese domain name, as for "glacial age" it expresses that it escaped. The circumstance where the using selfishness is bad is being cancelled, "with the browser and search service it is designed in such a way that considerably you can use Japanese domain name, may call just IE to be not yet correspondence with the browser," that it explained. However, we have come to the point of even with IE within year corresponding with IE 7 of release schedule, estimate was shown that the number of registers of Japanese JP domain name rise tendency is shown.

In addition, during "primary information security general plan" of the government which is decided in February, "the domain name where it is guaranteed that it is domain of the Government agency,", to introducing that it is assumed that it points "the domain name which is reserved as those regarding administration and the like in the Japanese domain name in the inside ' ' domain name, and general-purpose jp domain name of attribute type jp domain name". For example, anyone can be acquired "Self Defense Force com" not to be, you cannot acquire the third party, when "Self Defense Force jp" reservation domain name of Japanese JP the way, is attached importance as the better measure where the Government agency does to become, it explained. According to Hotta "in the future, domain name of the Government agency Japanese JP domain name keeps becoming standard", that you say.

Furthermore concerning future, "' jp ' the part ' dot Japan ' with the day when you can write when coming?" that the fact that it is the argument which is said was listed. As for a request that, we would like to internationalize to the part of TLD, you say that it is strong in especially Arab and China. When not only technical problem there is also a policy topic, examination has started in ICANN, it explained.

Furthermore, you say that at the left side of the mark we would like to make Japanese and Chinese, you say that it is argued intensively with IETF, concerning the internationalization of mail address. Concerning time "in technical standardization about 2 years, address the whole mail becoming Japanese if it was quick, showed the prospect about of 3 - 5 years".

Lastly as for Hotta with the viewpoint of internationalization of Internet, as for thing and being able to use the script of each language and can use home country language domain name the fact that etc. the world it is connected physically with Internet "only it is environment,", that it points out. "Not to be just environment, you can use that letter with application, if it does not go to the point of, there being contents, Internet it was internationalized you cannot call,", that it emphasized. For example ", you write and, as for the kind of language which is not word it is in the world, but for the people who use such language to use Internet, how it should have done? You say that "with also the argument which was said is necessary. And, in internationalization of this kind of Internet, "the fact that Japan hauls means that it is possible to be proud", that expressing the standardization of IDN which includes Japanese domain name, it rounded off lecture.

- Can be relied on establishment of the Japanese domain environment which topic - Professor Hisao Seijo University Nojima

In seminar continuously, Professor Hisao Nojima of Seijo University social innovational department "" Japanese jp "being understood and watermelon? Entitling psychological appraisal of internationalization domain name, "you lecture. The alphabetical character and, the result of verifying from framework of psychological experiment Japanese domain name the being recognized and the watermelon how the domain name due to English alphabet by comparison with was introduced.

This experiment, being something which did the university student of 20 year old generations and the senior citizen of 60 year old generations as the subject, presented domain name in such as text, and the sound which suppose announcement and the magazine article etc. the acknowledgment present verified sheath memory present cheapness and input present cheapness etc. easily.

Generally as for Japanese domain name, when it presents with text audio each method, you say that the acknowledgment present easily compared to the alphabetical character and English it was superior in the point of sheath memory present cheapness and the like. As for the alphabetical character it was difficult, to grasp letter, as for English the place where letter is written was difficult. Vis-a-vis this, each Japanese had predominance. In addition, when you see concerning the word length, as for the alphabetical character and English when it becomes long word, record deteriorated, but Japanese have assumed that it was predominant even with long word. Furthermore, you say that with Japanese word from the fact that the numbers of letters are few, Japanese domain name is faced to the input from the portable telephone. That it is clear from the result, until "you say, the person who could use Japanese without is good. If you think that there is a Japanese domain name environment, Japanese one than as for English and the alphabetical character is easier to know not to be wrong, for the Japanese ", (Professor Nojima).

However, with this experiment vis-a-vis the subject in advance concerning Japanese domain name it has done e.g., lecture it does. In the first place, it is Japanese domain name it has become prerequisite to know that really to be able to use Japanese domain name. Professor Nojima points out "as for problem, you do not think that there is a Japanese domain name, when it reaches the stage that, you do not know whether or not or, it is, ' is a Japanese domain name kana, is not kana ' with must do one excessive judgement which is said,", that.

Professor Nojima, says that you happened to see inside the streetcar, as the example example of announcement of "AIDS preventive foundation" was listed. Having tried, that Professor Nojima will inspect afterwards, it tried to remember domain name, but you say that it was not easily remembered with complicated English meaning language. In this kind of case, whether or not there is a Japanese domain name, if it consists of the わ, when it accesses trial once with Japanese domain name and becomes error the work becomes necessary of doing again to search with Google. "' AIDS preventive foundation jp ' with there is a domain name which is said securely, if it is possible to be able to give the reliance impression it is of being, if or such environment does only completion, as for Japanese domain name as for being the very profitable side you are not wrong", that the viewpoint was expressed.

Furthermore, this research result is introduced in one chapter "locus among of Japanese domain name - Internet standard decisions".

I can hear the death rattle of fiat from here...
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