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Incorrect Indexing example

This is clear example of the major problem we face with current Domain Parking Services.
You can see the example of searching for my domain
アニメ.com (Anime) on (I searched with the extension)

My domain is number 1
This is what it consist of

アニメ 別ウィンドウで表示 - このページを和訳
www.アニメ.com - 2006年7月28日 - このサイト内で検索

このページを和訳 means translate this page. This means what the search engines picked up wasn't Japanese at all (or too little). Since the crawlers for Yahoo Japan, & Google Japan, actually just come from the US they are only picking up the parking page as the US sees it.

If your domain isn't indexed at all nothing will show up.

Realisticly if the ads on the parking pages show up it should look like #2 or #3
With a discription of the site.

This increases the possibility of being picked up in search engines for a variety of keywords & not just the domain name itself...

ALSO This image gives you guys a clear example of a site like #3 that has the URL of but refers to itself as アニメ.com

テスト中: ベリーダンス : Japan SEM : カードローン (Not an IDN, yeah I do those too)
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