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Re: Any quicker way to "development".

I personally do not recommand pasting wiki info or other content that is in another site as it is duplicate content and you can get penalized for it by google (you might not be penalized..but even if u wont, u wont score high)

However, you can take an article and change / play with the words a little..minimal changes and this way you are safe with google (obviously hard to do in foreign languages we dont speak..but translators arent costly via elance i.e)
- For those who dont know, dont auto translate from babel fish as u will get a completly wrong translation

I am now working on a CMS (content managment system) template that allows you to add pages/content...change title..tags etc...
change google/yahoo adsense code etc...
change images...and the template is as "changable" as possible
(it will also turn php to html which imo still is better seo wise)

This is like a in between solution...

it isnt a 1 parked page...(it will avg 20-30 pages..but can always add)
and it isnt a fully developed site...

if done right..those templates can get very nice placement in the serp's.

As most here would never have time to go and fully develop half of the domains owned this is the best solution imo (u also elliminate the parking service provider=more $ per click)
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