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Re: i can not believe it!!!

We can't reduce what the forum is RD. The industry isn't fully developed yet. It might be a slum in investors currently but many benefitted from private sales on here. I don't know if those amounts of IDN sales actually go on, on DNF or NP.

In the last year we've made like 3000% progress in the market. It's like almost exactly 1 year ago you were alone in the info you had about IDNs. Think of your profits, that you've made in this one year, think of the quality of your portfolio now compared to the 1000 domains you had 1 year ago.

I'm not saying this to criticize you friend but this is just a slump.
Comparing to 1 year ago this is great but, thinking about how things will be 1 year later is more important.

1. Parking revenue (correctly)
2. IE7 & Vista in use
3. Domain selling services (local versions)
4. Natives making IDN websites
5. Natives start to use IDNs in ads.

I personally think Sedo will get the biggest IDN sales (& have said it before). They will have to get better for many to switch to their parking service but they have the clients & track records for high end domain sales.

I do know the domains I sell here are for resellers. I wouldn't sell to Japanese for the same prices.
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