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IDN Site building

I thought I'd start a thread to see what program/s the resident coders here recommend for building IDN sites.

I also welcome feedback or links to any site building resouces that are a 'must' for a newbie.

As Olney (and others) have mentioned many times, we need to encourage the IDN community to move from the IDN speculation phase to IDN site explosion via development.

There is a lot of info on our forum, but it seems to be scattered and quite hard to find (at least for me!) I'm hoping a dedicated thread for this may get a sticky and will become easy for all to access.

I hope the experienced on our forum will give a little encouragement for the coding noob's here, and support our collective interests

I am making my first attempt to build a site, and have downloaded Textpad. Looks reasonable enough, though I have already run into a hitch in getting pasted Japanese text to display correctly I'm sure I'll work it out, but any tips are most appreciated!
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