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Re: in english goes for $168,000

Well Philosophy is exactly what it is, philosophy..i understand what your 'e saying but there's so much more to it..there are a minimum of 10 types of "philosophers"

IMO, u dont have to squeeze anything (domain in this case) to death and be afraid to let go for whatever personal , financial or philosophical reason...

its a simple game...get what u excpected from it when u just got it/started it and move on to new games..but always try and have enough $ for the time u want to play other games which are not business

the 1 thing i love most about this business is the true freedom it allows it more then anything...u just don't have alot of businesses that allow you this freedom of being anywhere anytime and being able to continue with your business like this one.

i feel bad for any lawyer,doctor or retail business owner with disregard of how much money they make (and if u r one of the few successful domainers you make as much if not more)

how much is enough? thats going back to philosophy

And as for you knowing the value of the domain..sorry i cant agree..(and i respect you being one of the true pioneers/believers in the idn business).
everyone knows it looks and seems valuble, very valuble..but no way to put a figure on it or anything close at this point and time as its allmost obvious what is going to develop off of idn domains but its all in future form
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