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Re: in english goes for $168,000

Originally Posted by 261275
lets stay on philosophy...who is to determine what is a smart business man

(smart,luck,timing...all of the above) .
Yes, all of the above.

Generally, a smart businessman is one that knows the techniques and makes good decisions to achieve his goal of accumulating wealth. But that's not all, he must also knows to enjoy good LIFE during the process. Also, he must not be discouraged by the discussions of IDN.IDN.

But seriously...imo what is called an "act of god" or worst needs to happan for idn's not to be as u said better/more then present value (after all, its about 370 people in the world it seems that make the value at this time)

on a simular but diffrent this point i stopped worrying about what they decide as to the extension (dname/ns root etc) but started thinking of time lines as to when the cctld idn's might show up...optimistic we dont want them anytime soon...
If you want to know what would happen to future IDNs, you learn it from the PAST. There should not be things we call "act of God", because God entrusted the world to mankind long time ago, all things should happen according to our plans.

Although only a small group of people making decisions for future IDNs, the outcome is easy to predict because humans behave or make decisions following rules and laws.

If IDN is so urgently needed, who dare to continue ignoring it. IDN.IDN is to add value to and IDN.ccTLDs, ICANN and VeriSign will not violate business sense and rules and make IDN less valuable.

Dot Com is King. will soon be king.
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