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Re: China Japan Trademark Controversy

Originally Posted by 261275
then my 三光作戦.com is safe?
Well, I guess this story is domain related after all.

Three Alls Policy

The Three Alls Policy (Japanese: 三光作戦, Sankō Sakusen; Chinese: 三光政策, Sánguáng Zhèngcè) was a Japanese scorched earth policy adopted in China during World War II. Although the Chinese characters literally mean "three lights policy", in this case, the character for "light" actually means "all". Thus, the term is more accurately translated as "The Three Alls Policy", the three alls being: "Kill All", "Burn All" and "Loot All". In Japanese documents, the policy was originally referred to as "The Burn to Ash Strategy" (燼滅作戦, Jinmetsu Sakusen?). The name "Sankō Sakusen", based on the Chinese term, was first popularized in Japan in 1957 when a Japanese war criminal released from the Fushun war crime internment center published a controversial book called "Sankō".

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